Why Maximus Stands Out?

Our food is composed with only natural ingredients that develop specific functions in the health of your dogs, when it comes to their skin, bone structure, muscles, digestion, and other key systems.

Maximus contains natural ingredients that achieves a healthy balance nutrition for the digestion of your pet, without taking away the delicious flavor of the product.

Ingredients & Health

Maximus’ list of ingredients can be accessed by clicking here

The average size of each kibble is similar to a small breath mint, around 3/8 inch in diameter. We have elaborated Maximus to be small for easier digestion and better teeth care.

Yes, Dried Lactobacillus Acidophilus. This probiotic promotes intestinal health, increases immune response, reduces intestinal pathologies, strengthens the population of beneficial bacteria, and is a fermentation product, which makes Maximus easier for your dog to digest.

Our formula contains CHICKEN CARTILAGE, which is a natural source of both Glucosamine and Chondroitin.

Yes! Our formula does not contain any type of grains.

Yes! Maximus pet food formula is completely grain free.

No. Our does not contain any kind of by-product or artificial flavor. All preservatives in Maximus are natural. Maximus is a super-premium dry dog food, made with natural and high-quality ingredients.

The main protein sources for Maximus are:

  • Chicken meal

  • Turkey meal

  • Salmon meal

Maximus pet food is elaborated with only the highest quality natural ingredients.

For more detailed information about the benefits of these ingredients in the digestive process look at the table below:


Feeding & Nutrition

Maximus pet food is made for adult dogs of all sizes. For more information, consult our serving portions chart:


We provide a detailed chart in the back of our products, where you can find suggested serving portions for dogs of different sizes. You can click here for the suggested serving sizes chart. We recommend checking with your veterinarian for more detailed information on the diet for your specific dog.

Maximus products are “made in the USA”.

Yes. All our products come sealed for freshness and properly marked with a “best before” date.

Approximately 12 months. To ensure freshness, we store our products in a low-moisture, temperature-controlled environment.

We recommend storing this product in a dry place, where temperatures stay below 80°F/27°C. Avoid placing Maximus on plastic bags, for it may impart odors and flavors to the product.

We provide 2 different presentations of Maximus for our customers: a 6 lbs. resealable bag and a 24 lbs. bag.

Click here to see a list of where you can find Maximus.

Pets are creatures of habit and may need some help in switching to a new food. Gradually introduce any new food over a seven-day period, mix the new food with your pet’s former food, increasing the amount until only the new food is fed. We recommend consulting with your veterinarian to give you exact information about your pet.

Although the AAFCO does not provide any certification, Maximus has been designed to meet all nutrient profiles presented by AAFCO standards.

Yes! Our manufacturing processes meet the FDA requirements.