About Us

To get to know our story, you must first know about our concern for our pets and their happiness. That’s how we started this dream of Maximus, propelled by our love for our pets, our love for our family…


To live with my friend and companion Max is to live with his adventures, his energy, to share beautiful moments, walks with him, to play, to eat… These are all instants where he only looks for our love and understands when we are worried, sitting next to us in silence to keep us company. He is our son, our loyal companion, and we are his parents. If he is happy, we will be happy as well. At the beach or at the mountains, at the house playing, he is there for us.


Max was not alright, he was not happy, and we needed to figure out what was wrong. Why was he not happy? After visiting multiple vets, many dietary changes, and changes in his food lead us to think, create, and explore what to do with his diet to make him feel better and see him happy once again.

We thought by ourselves and talked to countless experts. Ideas, combinations, and methods flowed to understand what was the problem in his diet, to improve his wellness, to improve his life. He is our loyal pet.


It became our goal: to find a better dietary combination for our pet, without needing to add too much. Something balanced, nutritious, and delicious that would feel him with happiness and over all things, would give him quality to his life

Nutritionists, experts, friends, we all managed to create a great formula, an ideal formula, a formula with natural essence. It was amazing creating something so complete that would give us peace of mind not only because our Max would be happier and full of life, but because we could share this happiness with all other pets. Now was the time to materialize it.


This is how Maximus was born, with a formula made to make adult dogs happy, made by our family for our pets, with natural essence, achieving that he has all that he needs in this food, and that he always enjoys this moment.


Our Max is now a happy pet. A pet full of energy, joy, and strength.


Our story is now replicated in other families thanks to our product that is born from love to our companions. Inseparable for life.


We have turned into a company that designed and commercialized products for animal care. A company which you can trust. But don’t take our word for it, ask your pet, they will tell you for us with their happiness when they try Maximus!